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The Wakulla County Tourism Development Council contracted Brick Launcher for a large-scale content and imagery creation process for their new website.

  • The Wakulla TDC had a previous outdated website that contained old content that needed to be updated with fresh imagery and messaging.
  • Brick Launcher coordinated efforts with a team of copywriters to create and update content for the new website. Several hundred items of content were organized and placed into a new content management system. This required frequent contact with the developers during the project. Brick Launcher smoothly transitioned the process along.
  • Brick Launcher provided training and support for the new content management system
  • Brick Launcher continues to act as a SEO/SEM consultant, support specialist and content manager for
  • Wakulla TDC
  • August 2014
  • Content Management
  • Imagery
  • Training
  • Social Media
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